Portland MTB Short Track Series


Weekly results, series points, series standings and team standings are managed and published by OBRA. If you have questions or corrections about results, please email the OBRA person listed at the top of the results page.

Individual Series Points & Standings

For each race, individual series points are assigned using the following point system:

1st - 100 pts 6th - 40 pts 11th - 24 pts 16th - 15 pts 21st - 10 pts 26th - 5 pts
2nd - 80 pts 7th - 36 pts 12th - 22 pts 17th - 14 pts 22nd - 9 pts 27th - 4 pts
3rd - 60 pts 8th - 32 pts 13th - 20 pts 18th - 13 pts 23rd - 8 pts 28th - 3 pts
4th - 50 pts 9th - 29 pts 14th - 18 pts 19th - 12 pts 24th - 7 pts 29th - 2 pts
5th - 45 pts 10th - 26 pts 15th - 16 pts 20th - 11 pts 25tht - 6 pts 30th - 1 pt

- To determine the final series standings, points are tallied for the top 7 races of each competitor.
- In the event of a tie, placing is decided by best placing at race # 8. If still tied the it goes to best placing at race # 7, etc.
- Upgrading riders will carry half of their points from their best 3 races in the lower division to the immediately higher division.

Team Competition

- Team standings are calculated using a team scoring system that gives equal weight to competitors by age group and gender to determine a team outcome.
- Team competiton scoring is determined by a team’s top 6 riders each week across all races.
- This scoring system assumes that the best finisher of any age/gender group is of equal value to the best
finisher of any other age/gender group. So the the top 19-34 year old male scores the same number of points
as the top 45-55 year old female, etc.
- Unified age/gender categories: sometimes age groups will race in different categories at different times. This system assumes that the categories are assigned correctly and that all competitors in Cat 1 are faster than all competitors in Cat 2, etc.
- Further, categories can span core age groups, such as a Pro category with no age group distinction, or a Cat 1 45+ category while there are also Cat 2 45-55 and Cat 2 55+.
- To solve the first problem, with categories racing at different times, our system prescribes that all categories by an age group be combined, with the highest-level (fastest) category coming first, followed by the athletes in the second category, then the third, etc.
- Ties are broken first by the fastest 6th member. If one team has no 6th member, then the other wins by default. When teams have less than the required number of scoring racers, the team with more members wins. When teams have equal numbers of competitors, the score of their last scoring member works as a tiebreaker.

 Portland MTB Short Track Series