Portland Racing - Portland Mountain Bike Short Track Series 2006

Course Lay-Out    UPDATED 03/17
The photo below shows the course map for the Horning's Hustle MTB race. The climbing sections are shown in red. Green indicates flat sections or descents. Note that we relocated the start zone next to the parking area and that the finish area is in a different area. This means that the first lap for all riders will not be a full lap (only about 60% of a full lap).

The "Crossing Zone"
Since the course is designed as a "clover leaf" (or a "figure eight "), there is an area where two different sections of the course cross each other. For safety reasons there will be no hardcut intersection. Instead riders will enter a "crossing zone" where the two sections of the course merge for about 100 yards before splitting up again in opposite directions. We'll have color coded direction signs at each entrance and exit of the crossing zone, as well as course marshals monitoring traffic in this zone. If needed, descending riders (the ones on the green track) will yield to climbing riders (those on the red track).

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