Kruger's Kermesse Farm Crit

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- The relay race starts at 1:00pm and will run for approximate 45' (like in the solo races, there will be a bell lap).
- The start will take place at the same location as the solo races. Only one racer per team has to line up at the start. The other racers will have to line up in the exchange area (in approximate order of their bib number).
-The relay race will be raced on a slightly condensed 1-mile course (we'll skip the loop in the back), with laps that will be 3-4' long. So racers will come through the exchange/finish area at a fast pace (expect up to 10-15 exchanges per team).
- Relay categories: 2-Person Men, 2-Person Women, 2-Person Co-Ed, 2-Person Singlespeed, 2-Person Men 80+, 2-Person Men 100+, 2-Person Junior.
- We will use special relay bib numbers (relay team mates will race with the same number). Bib numbers will need to be picked up at registration by each individual racer.
- Exchanges: there will be a designated and marked exchange area right after you come through the finish. All exchanges must be executed within this area, either by touch-and-go or crossing wheels.
- While you don't have to exchange every lap, racers can not race more than 2 laps in a row.
- If for some reason, a relay team racer is not able to race (mechanical, injury, etc), the other team mate can continue to race for more than 2 consecutive laps, but the team will be scored with a 1-lap penalty.
- The relay race is in the first place all about having FUN! Please make sure to enjoy it in good sportmanship. Be courteous to fellow racers from other teams (we'll have racers of all skill levels racing at the same time) and keep things safe on the course and in the relay exchange area.

- Any questions? Just shoot me an email at