Kruger's Kermesse Farm Crit

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The course will be the same as the last 3 editions. The course runs clockwise, which makes for a great flow and safe cornering. Below is an aerial map of the course (view a larger version of the map in Google Maps) and a course preview video.

The basic course loop (shown in red) is about 1.4 mile long and features about 80 ft of elevation gain per lap.The start of each race heat will be staged at the SE Corner of the parking lot (right off to the main entrance road). The course runs 80% on farm roads with a couple grass sections (at the start and along the parking lot). There are no paved sections! All along the course, there will be plenty of room to pass riders.

What type of bike and tires should I race?
While racers will be allowed to race any type of bike, we recommend a cyclocross or road bike that can accomodate knobby tires. A hardtail mountain bike will be fine too (since there is little elevation gain, there is not much of a weight penalty). We don't recommend to race with road tires, unless they are beefy enough to avoid pinch flats (of course all depending on racers' body weight) and you have the riding skills to corner on lose soil or gravel without washing out. If you can't decide, feel free to come pre-ride the course the day before the race. We plan to have the course set up on Saturday by 2pm.