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Course Map

The 2015 course will be very similar to last year's course and will feature the traditional six-pack barrier and a "totally rideable" straw bale barrier, possibly augmented with a bunch of left-over pumpkins. Weather and course conditions permitting, we also hope to bring back the "spiral of death", though we won't send racers through the corn maze (the rain and wind of the past weeks has turned the maze into quite the mess).

Update 11/22: due to the great weather in the forecast and an anticipated need for extra parking, we decided to forego the "spiral of death" this year. Below is the updated course map.

The center of the action will be right at the entrance to the farm. That's where teams can put up their tents (until 10am), where we will start and finish the free Doggie Dash and Kids Races, where we will lite up our traditional bonfire, and where - starting at noon - Hopworks Urban Brewery will be pouring free samples of their Abominable Winter Ale.

Note: all races (except the kids and doggie dash races) will start at the SW corner of the main parking lot, with the start shoot running along the outer greenhouse.

Teams are free to set up tents either on Saturday afternoon (we should have the team tent area marked by 2pm) or Sunday morning anytime between 7:30 and 10am. Depending on how wet/muddy the area is, we might have to restrict vehicle access to the team tent area to avoid things getting too rutted and slippery. As for the designated location for team tents, please check the course map below.

View the course map (with detailed legend) in Google Maps.